Student Services

Student Services staff provide assistance for LTSP students both during and beyond their seminary career.  On the Philadelphia campus, Student Services is located on the second floor of The Brossman Learning Center in room 219, adjacent to the Enrollment Services suite. The Director of Student Services is the Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath, 215.248.6312.

Pastor Heidi and our Financial Aid Director share an office in Gettysburg.  You can find them in Valentine 105.  Their schedule is posted on the door and you can also find it in the Common Cup.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

Pastor Rodrick-Schnaath is available to meet with students seeking pastoral care. For those desiring a long term counseling relationship, she can make referrals to licensed mental health providers. Though the seminary does not cover the expense of these services, therapists may provide services on a sliding scale fee basis.

Spiritual Direction

Upon request, we make referrals to accredited spiritual directors. Our office retains a list of practicing spiritual directors with whom arrangements can be made.

ELCA Candidacy

As the seminary’s liaison for ELCA Candidacy, Pr. Rodrick-Schnaath provides information, orientation and advising for those seeking to be rostered in the ELCA. In partnership with synodical candidacy committees, seminary faculty, and the Vocation and Education Unit of the ELCA, Endorsement and Faculty Approval panels are arranged and scheduled on the LTSP campus. The Candidacy Manager for Regions 7 & 8, Dr. Paul Baglyos also provides candidacy advising and, together with Student Services, participates in the ELCA first call assignment process. For an overview of ELCA Candidacy, go to Vocation – Become a Leader