Campus Life FAQs

Note: in addition to the information below, we’ve created two complete guides to local businesses, restaurants, churches, and points of interest – check out the guide for the Gettysburg Campus and the Philadelphia Campus.

When is the library open?

We have one library with two branches! See for hours and much more information.

When is there food service on campus? What does it cost?

See the Who Do I Talk To page for food service options on both campuses.

Where can I find cheap food in Philly?

Everywhere! Wawa is across the street, we have grocery stores close by (Acme and Giant), and many of the small restaurants and food shops on Germantown Avenue are affordable and delicious. Some options include: McMeniman’s Irish pub, Earth Bread and Brewery, Golden Crust Pizza, the Night Kitchen, and many more!

How about the Food Pantry?

There is a food pantry located on each campus, where students are invited to stop by to pick up a broad range of food and home supplies. This can really cut down on your grocery costs!

Gettysburg’s pantry is in Valentine Hall. Philadelphia’s pantry is on the first floor of Wiedemann Hall.

How do I get a student ID card?

If you’re based on the Philadelphia campus, see Jim Ziebell at the front desk to get your student ID card. If you’re based on the Gettysburg campus, see Grainne Davies on the 2nd floor of Valentine Hall. Your student ID card will also function as your library card.

How do I get into the workout room in Wiedemann Hall in Philadelphia?

You will need to pay a deposit in the PH Business Office (see Mariam Nowar in the Brossman Center, 3rd floor). You will then get a receipt to swap for a key at Security.

Who can help me understand my bill on Henry?

Contact Tammy McKim.