Who Do I Talk To?

If you have a specific question and are unsure who to talk to, this page should provide some help. Once you’ve found the person you should talk to, you can find their contact info in the Faculty & Staff Directory.

View the Faculty & Staff Directory

Email is one of the best ways to communicate on campus. If you have a question for a specific department, it’s best to use the departmental email for that department, such as ITHelp@uls.edu or financialaid@uls.edu.


For questions about academic programs or curricular requirements, contact your academic advisor. If you don’t know your academic advisor, contact the Registrar’s Office: Julie Ritter in Gettysburg, and Rene Diemer in Philadelphia.

UTI Certificate Programs: Quintin Robertson

For questions about academic policies or procedures as outlined in the Catalog or Student Handbook, contact:

Dean Jayakiran Sebastian(Dean and Vice President of Student Services)
Julie Ritter (Registrar)
Allison deForest (for Doctor of Ministry, PhD, Master of Sacred Theology)

For questions about registering for courses, transcripts, class schedules, or the course catalog, visit the Registrar page. Then contact the Registrar’s Office: Julie Ritter in Gettysburg, and Rene Diemer in Philadelphia.

For questions about Concentrations (Master of Divinity) or Specializations (Master of Arts in Public Leadership), contact Dean Jayakiran Sebastian.


Tuition, fees, accounts: First, see this page in the Academic Catalog; then talk to Julie Ritter or Tammy McKim

Campus Housing

If something is broken in your dorm room: in Gettysburg, please contact Dave Reecher. For Philadelphia, contact Alberto DeJesus.

For questions about housing options and policies on campus, visit the Housing page.

For questions about your lease, contact Wendy Mizenko.

If you need a room for a weekly crash space, you have a guest coming, or you’re taking an intensive on the other campus, contact Wendy Mizenko in Gettysburg and Lyn Jackson in Philadelphia.

Community Life

Student Council (link)

For more information about counseling or spiritual direction, please click here.

To reserve a room on campus for a meeting, contact Wendy Mizenko in Gettysburg and Lyn Jackson in Philadelphia.

Contextual Formation

See the Contextual Formation page, here.

Worship Life

For questions about chapel services, contact the sacristans or the Deans of chapel. (link to Chapel pages for each campus)

Chapel services on the Gettysburg Campus are at 11:45am, Tuesday through Friday.

Chapel services on the Philadelphia Campus are at 6:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday and at 11:45 on Wednesday and Friday.

Institutional Technology

For all IT-related questions, email ITHelp@uls.edu. If hardware in a classroom is not working properly, contact Don Redman in Gettysburg or Kyle Barger in Philadelphia.


To speak with someone about the staff, contact HR Director Ed Henry II.


If you have a congregation or family member that would like to provide a gift to the seminary, visit the Giving page, then contact Angela Zimmann.

If your congregation would like to host a Seminary Sunday, or have a student or faculty member preach, contact the Advancement Office.


For information about textbook lists, please see the Registrar page for more information or contact your professors directly. If you would like to order your textbooks through the ULS e-bookstore, please visit www.uls.ecampus.com. E-campus offers a $500 line of credit per student each semester.


For questions regarding the library on either campus please see the library page or contact Evan Boyd.

Library Hours – Gettysburg
Monday – Friday 8:00am-6:00pm
Students on the Gettysburg Campus may request an after-hours pass at the library circulation desk.

Library Hours- Philadelphia
Monday – 8:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday – Friday – 8:30am – 10:30pm
Saturday – 11:00am – 4:00pm

Pastoral Care

United Lutheran Seminary students have access to two pastors who can provide pastoral presence to students throughout their seminary journey.
Pastor Terry McCarthy is available for students on the Gettysburg Campus and Distance Learning students. He may be reached at tmccarthy@uls.edu.
Pastor Gwen King is available for students on the Philadelphia Campus as well as Distance Learning students. She may be reached at gking@uls.edu.

Campus Food Service

Gettysburg Campus Meals

Lunch is available by purchasing individual meals or a punch card for more than one lunch in the refectory on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on regularly scheduled class days. There is no "meal plan" at ULS.

Philadelphia Campus Meals

Community lunches are served in Brossman A each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 12:30 p.m. Students must purchase their 5-ticket meal plan, $35 for the 5-meal ticket, through their student accounts. Faculty and staff may also purchase meal plans using a credit card. See the Brossman reception desk to purchase meal plans.

Walk-ins may purchase meals throughout the semester for $9, payable in cash at the time of the meal.

The Common Cup

ULS has an electronic publication three times a week, while classes are in session, that has updates on community events and information. Please check it out at www.unitedlutheranseminary.edu/common-cup. To make a submission to the Common Cup, please use the form listed on the Common Cup page.

Sustainability Coordinators

Our Sustainability Coordinators are students who care for the campus gardens and sustainability initiatives. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram at ULS – The Good Earth.

Food Pantry

We have food pantries available on both campuses to help support the needs of our students. The Gettysburg food pantry is located in Valentine and the Philadelphia food pantry in Wiedemann Hall.

ID Badges

To request an ID badge, please email Grainne Davies (GB) or Jim Ziebell (PH).

ULS Merchandise

It's easy to order ULS merchandise online.

Spiritual Formation

Some programs include a non-degree requirement for Spiritual Formation. Please see Dr. John Largen with questions about fulfilling this requirement.

Lifelong Learning and Certificate Studies

For questions about lectures, events and training related to Lifelong Learning and certificate studies, please contact Deacon Chelle Huth.

Washington Theological Consortium

United Lutheran Seminary is a member of the Washington Theological Consortium, offering students the opportunity to earn certificates in Ecumenism, Muslim-Christian Studies, Ecology and Theology, and Criminal Justice and Reconciliation. The faculty adviser is Dean Sebastian and for Ecology and Theology is Dr. Waldkoenig. More information.

Town and Country Institute

The Town and Country Institute offers a concentration in Rural and Small Church Ministry. The faculty adviser for the program is Dr. Gil Waldkoenig. More information.

DL and Co-op Students

Dr. Alison de Forest serves as the Director for Distributed Learning and Co-op Programs.


Students who are seeking rostered ministry may be involved in a candidacy process. If students have questions about their process, they may contact their synod of candidacy, Contextual Formation Director and consult the ELCA website for relevant forms and information.

The Student Body

For questions about the Student Body, please contact either the ULS Student Body President at SB-President@uls.edu or Vice President at SB-Vice-President@uls.edu.


For security questions on the Philadelphia Campus, please call 215-248-4665.

For security questions on the Gettysburg Campus, please call 717-357-6634.


For questions about the Gettysburg Campus mailroom, please contact Grainne Davies. For the Philadelphia Campus mail room, please contact James Ziebell. Students may fill out a form in each mail room to request a mailbox key.


On the Gettysburg Campus, please contact Sherry Rippman to purchase a YWCA membership.

On the Philadelphia Campus, please purchase a key for the gym from the security desk.