Common Web Links to Bookmark Email accounts migrated to

As of approximately 9:30 pm, Thursday, June 22nd, all email accounts have been changed to ULS .edu accounts.  All users should refer to the email they received Tuesday for specific instruction on how to handle this changeover.

In short your email domain has changed from to  And your password may have changed per the above mentioned email.

If you use Outlook on a computer you will need to change your login account to the email address and enter your password.

If you use web mail at you will need to enter your email address and password.

Mobile device users should delete and recreate their accounts on their device.  Details can be found on the Email@ULS page.

Holders of accounts will receive an email on Monday detailing how they can access their new accounts.

If you encounter problems with this transition, please email or call 717-338-3036.  If you call be sure to leave a clear return phone number.