Contextual Formation

The Contextual Formation Office coordinates three major components of the seminary’s curriculum:  Ministerial Leadership (congregational fieldwork for MDiv and MAML students in the 1st or 2nd year); Critical Reflection on Praxes of Ministry (Clinical Pastoral Education or, if necessary, an ad hoc peer group-based action-reflection program); and Ministerial Immersion (internship for MDiv and some MAML students).  Below are several reminders and announcements related to these components:

To all students returning from CPE,

  1. Your final evaluations are due to the Contextual Formation Office and to your candidacy committee/judicatory.
  2. De-briefing sessions with Dr. Charles Leonard on the Philadelphia campus and with myself on the Gettysburg campus are currently being scheduled through our administrative assistants, Ms. Lyn Jackson and Ms. Carla Pavlick, respectively.

To all students returning from internship,

  1. Your final evaluations are due to the Contextual Formation Office and to your candidacy committee/judicatory.
  2. For Philadelphia students, if you have not already scheduled an appointment to de-brief your experience, then please contact Dr. Charles Leonard very soon.
(First Year Student congregational fieldwork)

To all students currently assigned in Ministerial Leadership, please be reminded that “Learning Covenants” are due to the Contextual Formation Office.

Students starting Ministerial Leadership –  FALL 2017
Students starting Ministerial Leadership  – SPRING 2018

Ministerial Leadership Information Sheet

Ministerial Leadership Site Application Form
Ministerial Leadership Student Application Form

Ministerial Leadership Learning Covenant Guidelines
Ministerial Leadership Learning Covenant Template
Ministerial Leadership Formation Agreement
Ministerial Leadership Formation Agreement – Spring 2018 start date 

Ministerial Leadership Mid-Year Appraisal Form
Ministerial Leadership Lay Person Evaluation Form
Ministerial Leadership Preaching Evaluation Form
Ministerial Leadership Teaching Evaluation Form
Ministerial Leadership Student Final Evaluation Form
Ministerial Leadership Supervisor Final Evaluation Form

To all new ELCA students who have elected to postpone Ministerial Leadership until their second year, please know that the faculty-staff committee for Contextual Formation has recently concluded that new ELCA candidates would be better advised to begin their fieldwork assignment in the Spring Semester of their first year (or, for part-timers, their 2nd full semester) in order to be able to provide their candidacy committees with some formal evaluations before their Endorsement Panels, which usually come in the fall of their second year (or their 3rd full semester).  So, new ELCA candidates not already in ML are encouraged to speak soon with either Professor Maria Erling or me on the Gettysburg campus; or to Dr. Charles Leonard on the Philadelphia campus.


To all students who plan to be in Clinical Pastoral Education next summer or at a different future time,

  1. You are invited to a ZOOM Introduction to CPE on Friday, October 6th, from 1:30-2:30 PM.  At Gettysburg, the location is Valentine #314; at Philadelphia, go to Library C.
  2. Review the student application and possible sites at the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education’s website:
  3. Remember that the deadline for CPE applications is October 15th.
  4. The annual CPE Interview Day on campus is Monday, November 6th.  Please hold this important date.
  5. Read the CPE Application Procedure
To all MDiv students who plan to begin their Ministerial Immersion this year

Ministerial Immersion – Important Deadlines
List of Important Dates for Ministerial Immersion

Ministerial Immersion Forms:
MI Internship Application Form ELCA students 17-18
MI Internship Application Form Students from Other Traditions 17-18

**Note that the ELCA application deadline is Friday, December 8th, 2017

Ministerial Immersion Evaluations – ELCA
All ELCA internship evaluation forms can be downloaded from the ELCA website at the following link:

Ministerial Immersion Evaluations for students from traditions other than Lutheran

OTHER TRADITIONS_Intern’s Two-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_Intern’s Four-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_Intern’s Six-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_Intern’s Eight-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_Intern’s Ten-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_Intern’s Twelve-Month Evaluation

OTHER TRADITIONS_Supervisor’s Two-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Supervisor’s Four-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Supervisor’s Six-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Supervisor’s Eight-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Supervisor’s Ten-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Supervisor’s Twelve-Month Evaluation

OTHER TRADITIONS_Committee’s Two-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Committee’s Four-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Committee’s Six-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Committee’s Eight-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Committee’s Ten-Month Evaluation
OTHER TRADITIONS_ Committee’s Twelve-Month Evaluation

Ministerial Immersion (Internship) Manuals
Internship Committee Manual 2017-2018
Supervisor Intern Manual

  1. A Video Introduction to Ministerial Immersion for Students from Traditions Other than Lutheran will be made available the week of October 23rd.
  2. A ZOOM Introduction to Ministerial Immersion for ELCA students will be held on Friday, October 27th, from 1:30-2:30 PM.  The upcoming Matching and Assignment Workshop options will be explained.  On the Gettysburg campus, come to Valentine #314; on the Philadelphia campus come to Library C.
  3. The ELCA Supervisor-Intern Matching Workshop will be held on the Gettysburg campus on February 8-9, 2018
  4. A brief ZOOM conversation about the dynamics of the Matching Workshop will be held for all students and interested family members on February 1st.  Watch for details.
  5. The ELCA Supervisor-Intern Assignment Workshop led by Dr. Leonard will be held on the Philadelphia campus on February 8-9, 2018.  Watch for details.
  6. Internship Assignments for all ELCA students will be publicly announced by April 1st, 2018.
  7. The Team-Building Workshop for all supervisors and rising interns will be held on May 23, 2018 at St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA.  Please hold this date.

To all seniors who have completed the Contextual Formation requirements, congratulations!  It’s good to be a senior.