Monday, January 25, 2021

Common Cup is distributed on Monday and Wednesday during the semester except during holiday breaks.  The deadline for the Monday edition is the Friday prior at 5PM. The deadline for the Wednesday edition is 5PM Tuesday.
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The PhD: What is it Good For? A Q&A Zoom Panel

Have you considered applying to PhD programs in a theological discipline? Are you wondering about balancing a "dual vocation" in ministry and scholarship? Are you wondering how changes in theological education have altered the career prospects for PhD students? If so, mark your calendars for Wednesday February 10 from 1pm–2pm for a Q&A discussion over Zoom. A panel of diverse PhDs working in, out, and alongside the academic world will answer your questions about the PhD application process, the personal and professional challenges that face PhD students today, and the prospects of what might await you after graduation. Names and short bios of the panelists are forthcoming. Please contact Reed Carlson ( with any questions.

Prayer Exchange

To all in the ULS community: students, faculty, administration, staff and loved ones.
We, the Student Council, are opening up the Prayer Exchange and inviting everyone to sign up and be involved.
How does it work? Once a week you send a prayer to an assigned person via email. Let them know you are thinking and praying for them. That's it. Easy.
We will stay open for sign-ups until Feb 15. After this, I'll assign people.
Please send your name and email to Psomi, and I'll set you up with someone. (

Mailroom Schedule Update - Gettysburg Campus

The mailroom on the Gettysburg Campus will be open for parcel pick up:
Mon., Tues., Wed., - 10am-noon.
Thur. - Noon-2pm
Fri. - 10am-noon.
Valentine is accessible with ID swipe for mail pick up.
Philadelphia mailroom is open regular business hours Mon-Friday.

ULS Worship Life Event Schedule

The ULS Worship Life team is pleased to announce that our online worship services are resuming in 2021!
Beginning on Wednesday, January 27, we will resume our regular schedule of worship services: 11:45am each Wednesday on Zoom or YouTube, and 6:00pm each Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom.
We will be celebrating the start of a new semester in a service led by the Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin.

Worship Life Team

Please find attached the Worship life Team 2020-21.

Pets of ULS social media campaign

While Zoom meetings and classes can be exhausting, they've provided an opportunity for us to meet members of each other's families. And, that includes our beloved pets! If you have a pet and would like to participate in the "Pets of ULS" social media campaign, please send a high resolution photo of yourself with your pet to your pet's name and any other info you'd like us to have. Students: Please include your degree/certificate program and anticipated year of graduation. Please be sure to send a photo of you AND your pet. Each week I'll post on social media. Thanks and look forward to meeting your pets! Linda Fiore

Faith, Sexism and Justice Social Statement

Ever felt a disconnect between the ELCA’s social statements and congregational life? The Office of the Presiding Bishop has invited ULS to provide feedback on the study guide of the social statement, Faith, Sexism and Justice: A Call to Action. Through this social statement, the ELCA names and resists the ways sexism and patriarchy devalue women and girls. Social statement study guides are typically used for a decade or more, and this process is a unique opportunity to shape it.
Dr. Crystal L. Hall will facilitate three one-hour synchronous sessions in February at time determined by participants. There will also be opportunities to provide feedback asynchronously. Everyone is welcome, whether you can come for one session or all three.  It may be helpful to read a portion of the social statement in advance, but it is not necessary.  Contact Dr. Hall at to participate and for more information.

COVID-19 Response and Future Plans