2022-23 ULS Student Government & Campus Councils

ULS Student Government  representatives for the 2022-23 academic year (Gettysburg council updated  March 2023)
 President – Clifford (Cliff) Stanley
 Vice President – Andrew (Andy) Taminger
 Treasurer – Amy Moorhus Baumgardner
 *Secretary - Brynn Anderson
 Philadelphia Council – Morris (Mo) Goff
 Gettysburg Council – Sarah Moore
 Distributed Learning Council - Christian M. Hicks
 Proclaim rep for Diversity & Equity Task Force - Mo Goff
 Campus Councils:
 *Philadelphia - Ian Clements, Sarah Fryman, Sarah Parson, Donald (Mike) Todd
 *Gettysburg - Jenny Alexander-Allen, Stephanie Chandler, Allison Overly-Stokes, Larry Herrold, Terrance Lively, Erik Brigger
 *Distributed Learning - Jaymie Kosa, Christine Pelfrey, Tyler (Ty) Rankin

The newly established Gettysburg Student Council will finish the remainder of theSpring 2023 semester. General elections for next academic school year willcommence as usual at the end of this semester.

[* = Fall Election positions]

Summer CPE units at Shawnee Health

UPDATED INFORMATION AS OF 3/1/23: Israel, Palestine, and Jordan Trip in January 2024

ISRAEL, PALESTINE, & JORDAN Trip in January 2024 with Profs. Mark Vitalis Hoffman and Reed Carlson.

We are now accepting reservations for an outstanding travel seminar to Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.

DATE: January 8-23, 2024

COST: ~ $4500 (per person w/ 40 participants)

Space is limited to 40, so plan to reserve a spot sooner than later. (27 Feb: 15 spots remain)

For more information, check the website. To get a registration form and confirm a spot, use this form

Updated masking recommendation during worship for spring 2023 semester

Masks are no longer required during in person worship but we continue to recommend them.

Pastoral care groups for spring 2023

From Pastor Terry McCarthy:

Pastoral care groups are resuming  for this spring semester. If you are on the Gettysburg campus join us for an  in-person time of spiritual community which includes contemplative  visualization, scriptural reflection and prayer for one another on Tuesdays at  12:45 in the prayer space on the third floor of Valentine Hall. All members  of the community are welcome to join us.
There is also a time of pericope study of texts for the upcoming Sunday on  Wednesday at 5:15 via zoom. All are welcome from any of our campuses and  programs also do not be concerned if what you are preaching on may be  different from the revised common lectionary or what others may be doing.  Time and space will be made for you. Zoom ID numbers and passcodes will be  sent via email and will be posted on ULS Gettysburg and Philadelphia Facebook groups
Please let me know if you have interest in a zoom based time of spiritual  community. If there is interest in this it can be set up -tmccarthy@uls.edu

Library hours for spring semester 2023

Library Hours for spring semester

Krauth in Philadelphia
M – Th, 10 – 7; Fri. 10-5
Closed Sat and Sun

Wentz in Gettysburg
M – Th, 9 – 6; Fri. 9-4
Closed Sat and Sun

Student Prayer schedule Spring 2023

SPRING DAILY PRAYERS FOR STUDENTS (in person in both chapels/during weeks classes are in session)
Mondays and Wednesdays: Morning Prayer @ 7:30AM, Compline @ 9:45PMFridays: Morning Prayer @ 7:30AM, Evening Prayer @ 7:30PM
If you would like to sign-up to officiate, read, or offer music, please get schedule from Larry Herrold.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Morning prayer @ 7:40AM, Compline @ 9:40PM

Worship Schedule Spring 2023

As of January 24, 2023:

- 5:30 pm – Evening Worship led by students on Zoom – Register for link
Wednesdays - 12:00 pm – Polymodal Service of the Word (simultaneously in-person* on both campuses, via Zoom and livestream on YouTube)
- 12:00 pm – Community Eucharist (in-person* on both campuses)     

* When in-person campuses are suspended, Wednesday worship will be online only and Thursday worship will be suspended.

ULS Writing Center

Need help with a writing assignment? The ULS Writing Center is here to offer support: research assistance, writing skills development, editorial assistance, and more. Find information here: https://library.uls.edu/writing_center
Contact us at library@uls.edu.