Common Cup

Wednesday, June 15, 2019
Gettysburg Campus
Philadelphia Campus
Both Campuses

Campus Mailbox Keys & ID’s

Students, before you leave campus please be sure to stop by the mailroom in Valentine Hall and Brossman Center to return your mailbox key. Please also submit your new address by e-mail (Gettysburg) or (Philadelphia) so that your first class mail may be forwarded on to your new location.

Graduating and non-returning students should also return their ID cards so that they may be cleaned and reused. Interns and returning students should keep their ID’s.

Free Books for Students

Students are invited to come take free books and ministry resources from Barry Hill's collection. The books are located in the Communications office, room 213, on the 2nd floor of Valentine Hall.

Worship Leadership at August Greek Intensive

This year, the Summer Greek Intensive will be in Gettysburg August 5-23. During those three weeks, we will have chapel Mon-Fri. Any staff, faculty, and students feeling called to lead worship can sign up to do so here. Contact,, or for questions or more information.

Jobs Page

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