Forms & Housing Info

Frequent Forms

Lodging Request Form

Faculty or staff needing to book an overnight room on the alternate campus should complete this form at least one week in advance of the scheduled stay.

Philadelphia: Use this form.
Gettysburg: Use this form, then see information below on how to access housing on campus.

Guest Housing: Gettysburg Campus

If you require housing for a guest visiting the Gettysburg campus you can use this form to see if there is an available room that meets your needs.  (Charges may apply for non-Seminary business related stays.)

Vehicle Request Form

If you need a vehicle to travel between campuses or for other Seminary-related travel, please complete this form.

Incident Report Form

Use this form to report incidents.

How to Access Housing for Overnight Stays on Gettysburg Campus

Following is information on reserving housing on the Gettysburg campus.  We have one part-time housekeeper who maintains the faculty/staff guest rooms.  To do our best in providing lodging when you need it and meeting the housekeeper’s schedule, we are asking that you adhere to the following procedures.

  1. Please fill out the online lodging request form.  You will receive an email confirmation with your room assignment and how to acquire keys.
  2. If we can’t accommodate you on campus we will reserve lodging for you at one of the local motels and send you details.
  3. In apartments with two or more bedrooms, you may find a tag on a bedroom doorknob indicating that is the room you are to use.  This will happen when a quick turn-over occurs. While your room as well as the rest of the apartment will be ready, a bedroom used the previous night may not be.
  4. If you use any kitchen utensils, dishes, etc., please wash/dry them.
  5. If there is a maintenance emergency:
  6. In the evening (4:30pm to 7am) or on weekends, call 717-357-6634.
  7. During business hours, Monday-Friday, call 717-752-5139.
  8. If there are any other issues with your lodging please let the housing office know as soon as possible.

Also, we ask that you:

  • Submit requests as early as possible.
  • Notify us as soon as you realize your plans changed.
  • Adhere to:
  • arrival time (access to room as of 4:00 pm), and
  • departure time (out of room by 10:00 am)