IT Scheduled Maintenance

IT Scheduled Maintenance

Listed below are known down times and scheduled maintenance windows utilized by IT and our vendors.

One Time Maintenance

Canvas Maintenance

  • Time Frame: Friday, July 26th, 2019 this event will last up to 6 hours and will start at 11:00PM CDT (4:00 AM UTC)
  • Impact: This maintenance event will affect the ability to upload new media and subtitlesto our media servers in Canvas and Canvas Studio(formerly Arc). During this time, users will continue to be able to access previously uploaded videos and captions.

Regular Maintenance Windows

ULS Server Reboots/Updates (ULS IT)

  • Timeframe: Monday mornings 4am-8am
  • Impact: Potential brief network outages and loss of connectivity to ULS resources

ULS Personal Computer Updates (ULS IT)

  • Timeframe: The Wednesday following the second Tuesday of each month
  • Impact: Faculty and staff should leave their system powered on at the login screen this evening. This can be done by simply restarting your system or logging off when you leave for the day. The disruption for this set of updates should be an automatic restart of the system at some point after the end of the business day. There is typically a warning of the restart 5 minutes before it occurs via a windows message box. If you are still working on your system when you receive this message, you can close your work, restart your system and continue working to preempt the automatic restart.

Empower/Henry Maintenance Window (External Vendor)

  • Time frame: Every Saturday 9pm – Sunday 1am
  • Impact: The Empower Applications and Henry Student portal will not be available.

Mitel Phone System Maintenance Window (External Vendor)

  • Timeframe: Sunday mornings 2am-6am
  • Impact: Potential for outages to our campus phone system as well as a reboot of all campus phones.

Voicethread Maintenance Window (External Vendor)

  • Timeframe: First Saturday of the month 5am-9am Eastern time
  • Impact: Potential for general slowness or outages of the Voicethread application within Canvas.