All research that involves human subjects and is conducted under the auspices of United Lutheran Seminary by its faculty, staff or students is required to be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). No research involving human subjects may be initiated until IRB approval has been obtained. IRB approval is obtained through the submission of an Application for the Approval of Use of Human Subjects in Research. The rules and procedures governing the IRB approval process is governed by United Lutheran Seminary’s IRB Policies and Procedures. The first step in the application process, however, is to read and follow carefully the IRB Approval Information and Instructions. The material included there will not only guide you through the process, but will assist you in shaping your research proposal in a way that will help you protect human subjects in your research and ensure prompt and efficient consideration of your project. You will find information about IRB policies and procedures, pertinent forms, and links to submit your application materials on the IRB Canvas site. To be added to the site, please Contact the Director of Graduate Studies to make the request. 

IRB contacts
Dr. Teresa Smallwood, IRB Chair

Rev. Britta Meiers Carlson, Interim Director of Graduate Studies